Some of the services we provide are listed below. If you're requiring an additional service that is not listed below, please use the contact page and we'd be happy to assist you!

Furniture Redesigns

Never throw furniture away again! We can redesign your piece to fit your current style! Designs range from vintage to modern to fit everyone's needs.

Interior Decorating

Does your home need a new outlook on life? One room or the whole house, we can make it the house of your dreams! Please contact us for more information.

Cabinet Resurfacing

Give your kitchen a facelift! We can transform any kitchen by resurfacing cabinetry so you don't have to buy brand new! Contact us for an estimate.

* Limited availability. Please contact us.


Bring your piece of furniture back to life! Is your furniture looking a little dull and dated? We can restore it back to it's original beauty!

* Limited availability. Please contact us.

Furniture Take Away

Looking to get rid of old, broken, damaged or no longer needed furniture? We're happy to pick up and haul away for you! Contact us with location, pictures and pricing.

Nationwide Shipping

Aren't local but looking to purchase a piece? That's ok. We ship anywhere within the United States! Contact us for an estimate.

Local Delivery

Have a professional moving company come deliver straight to your door and set up! This option is only available for local deliveries within 90 minutes of CT.